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The Fulton County Health Department is proud to offer the “Baby Think It Over” program in middle and high schools across the county. The program gives students a chance to get a small taste of what it might be like to be a teen parent. Students learn this and other consequences of premarital sexual behaviors.  Karen Pennington, Health Education Coordinator, provides the "Baby Think It Over" program to 5 Fulton County Schools:  Archbold, Delta, Evergreen, Pettisville & Wauseon.  

Love Notes 3.0

The Fulton County Health Department is happy to offer a new curriculum entitled Love Notes 3.0 to middle and high school students across the county. This abstinence-centered, evidence-based course helps teens build skills and knowledge for healthy successful relationships with partners, family and friends. It is designed to help young people make wise relationship and sexual choices. These wise choices will help them in reaching their education, employment, and relationship and family goals.

The communication skills and self-awareness component of Love Notes 3.0 are key to all kinds of relationships in life. Love Notes 3.0 builds assets and strengthens protective factors by appealing to the teen’s goals, rather than just merely emphasizing what they should avoid. This program will help youth learn more about themselves and support their development of a vision for the future.

Love Notes 3.0 has a strong and constant message about the benefits of sexual delay and avoiding risks, as well as the possibility and benefits of changing course and resetting one’s sexual boundaries. It does not normalize teen sexual activity, nor does it preach or shame. These lessons are guided by the belief that youth need encouragement to define a context for sex that is personally meaningful and protective of their hopes and goals in life.

An important part of this program is providing conversation starters to nurture and support the connection between youth and their parent or trusted adult. Trusted Adult Connections (TAC) activities will be provided for each lesson. These activities provide talking points and an easy activity to help engage conversation between youth and their trusted adult. There is much to handle in life and many decisions to make to put and keep youth on the path towards reaching their goals.

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