vital statistics

Fulton County Health Department has records of births and deaths occurring within the county boundaries dating as far back as 1909.

Birth Certificates: We can now issue certified copies of birth certificates for any person born in the State of Ohio. You may need your birth certificate for a variety of reasons - such as travel, obtaining a driver's license, state issued ID, school registration, or passports, etc. To find locations outside of Ohio, go to National Center for Health Statistics.

Death Certificates: Certified copies of a death certificate for an individual who passed away in Fulton County may be obtained at the Fulton County Health Department.

Certificate Fees: The fee for certified copies of birth or death certificates is $23.00 per copy. Methods of payment include cash, check or money order, and debit or credit card (additional fees apply). Due to changes in State law, we can no longer provide uncertified copies of birth or death certificates.

Foreign Authentication-Apostille: For information to obtain foreign authentication-apostille, please click HERE to go to the Ohio's Secretary of State website, records tab.