Fulton county health data

  • What is health equity? 

    Health equity is when everyone has a “fair opportunity to attain his or her full health potential” and that no one is “disadvantaged from achieving this potential”.

    1 Health inequity can be defined as differences in health status or in the distribution of health determinants between population groups.

    2 Health equity is influenced by factors such as employment, housing, transportation, education, socioeconomic status, food access, etc. Health equity recognizes that not everyone starts from the same place, but that everyone deserves to get to the finish line.

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  • Fulton County Cancer Profile

    This report provides an overview of cancer in Fulton County, Ohio, including data on cancer incidence (new cases) and mortality (deaths), Ohio and U.S. comparisons, trends, stage at diagnosis, cancer screening and risk factors. This information can be used to increase awareness about the impact of cancer on Ohio residents and to develop targeted programs for cancer prevention, early detection and control.

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  • Coroner's Report

  • 2022 County health rankings ~ ohio

    The County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program brings actionable data and strategies to communities to make it easier for people to be healthy in their homes, schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods. Ranking the health of nearly every county in the nation, the County Health Rankings illustrate what we know when it comes to what is making people sick or healthy.

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