car seat program

Ohio Buckles Buckeyes Program (OBB):

The Fulton County Health Department distributes car seats to eligible Fulton County families. Designed for low-income families in need of safety seats for their children, the car seat instruction, distribution, and education service can help families who qualify by providing child passenger safety seats for infants and children from birth to 100 pounds.

The OBB Program has distributed more than 17,000 child safety seats and booster seats to low-income families in Ohio. More information about the OBB Program can be found here.

Who Qualifies for OBB:

Fulton County families who benefit from or are eligible for the WIC program or Medicaid.

We have certified car seat technicians on staff that can provide FREE car seat checks for all area residents. 

To make an appointment call 419-337-0915.

What to bring to an appointment?

• A vehicle in which the child restraint is usually installed

• Child Restraint

• Child

• Owner's Manual for Child Restraint

• Owner's Manual for Vehicle

Tethers Make A difference

What Is A Tether??

It’s the strap with a hook hanging on the back, at the top of your child’s car seat.  When attached and tightened to

one of the vehicle’s tether anchors, a tether helps keep a

forward-facing car seat from tipping forward.

Click HERE to find out how to use a tether