medical reserve corps (MRC)

Mission Statement of the Fulton County Medical Reserve Corps:  

“To serve the citizens and communities of Fulton County by providing health care, education and assistance in times of need.”

Structure of the Fulton County Medical Reserve Corps:

The MRC is organized and housed at the Fulton County Health Department. The Citizen Corps Council is a component of USA Freedom Corps established by President George W. Bush in 2002 and in Fulton County, the Citizen Corps Council is made up of representatives from the Public Safety Office/EMA (Emergency Management Agency), the Health Department/MRC, local law enforcement, local fire/rescue and the Red Cross. The Fulton County MRC is a program which supports the emergency preparedness and response activities of the Fulton County community and works collaboratively with the Fulton County EMA, and the Red Cross.

Administration for the program is provided through the Fulton County Health Department and the MRC Coordinator. When the MRC is mobilized for an exercise or an actual event, the National Incident Management System (NIMS) will be followed and the MRC will follow the established command and control structure. The MRC Coordinator will follow the Incident Command System (ICS) for activating volunteers and making job assignments. It is important for MRC volunteers to understand that there is an organizational structure for managing an event. The MRC volunteer’s position in the organizational structure will depend on the roll they are serving during an event. Job assignments will be based on the event and type of volunteer skills needed to respond to the event.

For more information on becoming an MRC Volunteer, please contact Sydney Chamberlain at or 419-337-0915.

2018 MRC Handbook