Are You Up-To-Date? Vaccinate! 


Infant & Child Immunization

Immunizations are one of the best ways to protect your children against diseases that once killed and disabled millions in the U.S. Infants and young children need to receive the recommended immunizations on time in order to be protected against diseases. 

Click HERE for a list of recommended vaccines.

Adolescent Immunization

As you grow, the immunizations that are recommended for your age group change, but they are just as important for preventing disease as those you received as a child. 

Click HERE for a list of recommended vaccines. 

Adult Immunization

If you are a healthy adult, you may not spend much time thinking about immunizations. Getting the recommended adult immunizations, however, is one of the most effective ways to help you stay healthy. 

Click HERE for a list of recommended vaccines. 

Immunization Clinic Hours

The Fulton County Health Department plays an active role in assisting families to protect their children from vaccine-preventable diseases. Getting your child vaccinated is very important. Please, Be Wise, Immunize! State-provided vaccines cost $21.25 each; however, no one will be turned away due to the inability to pay. 

Immunizations are provided by appointment for all ages every Friday and the first and third Thursday of the month until 6:00 pm. In addition, older children and adults are immunized by appointment during our nursing hours on Monday and Wednesday.  Also note that FCHD has contracted with many insurance plans so please be ready to provide your insurance information when scheduling your appointment. 

Having trouble getting your child to a clinic? You can give permission for another adult (age 18 or older) to bring your child to a clinic. Simply download our English Immunization Consent Form or Spanish Immunization Consent Form, complete it, sign it and send it with your child.