Food protection

This division provides licensing and inspection of all restaurants, grocery stores, vending machines, mobile food operations, and temporary food operations. In addition to inspections, we conduct reviews of all new and remodeled food facilities within the county.

Food Safety:

Temporary Food License / Plan Review / training / links


In general, a Temporary Food License is needed when food is being prepared and/or sold at an event for no more than 5 days in a row. Seven (7) days are allowed for the county fair for Fulton County residents. 

There are exemptions (church premises, school premises, volunteer fire department, etc). 

Please speak with a Health Department representative before applying for a Temporary Food License.


Plan Review (New & Remodeled Food Facilities)  

Food Safety Training

In-service training customized to your employees needs is available upon request. Sanitarians will come on-site and provide training on topics such as handwashing, proper cooling, personal hygiene, etc. These are usually short presentations, 20 minutes to 60 minutes in length. There is currently no cost for in-service training. 

Level I Food Safety Training. This is a standardized training, 3 hours in length. We utilize the ServSafe Employee Level Training material. There is a cost of $20.00 per student. This training can be done on-site or at the Fulton County Health Department. A minimum of 5 people is needed to hold a class. Individuals completing this course receive a Level I Food Safety Certification that is recognized throughout Ohio. 

Level II Food Safety Training. The Fulton County Health Department is not offering this training.  The OSU Extension Office - Fulton County offers this course several times per year.  Click HERE for access to their website.


Food Service Operation Fact Sheets

Food Recalls/U.S. Food & Drug Administration