What is B.o.s.s. (Beyond our selves & school)? 


B.O.S.S. is a youth led prevention (YLP) program for Fulton County middle school boys, coordinated by the Fulton County Health Department (FCHD), with funding provided by Fulton County Job and Family Services. During the 2019-20 school year, we offered a pilot program for a school-based YLP at Evergreen and Pike-Delta-York Middle Schools. We would like to expand this program to the remainder of our local school districts for the upcoming school year.

BOSS is very similar to our already established Youth Advisory Council. YAC empowers youth to be the change at the high school level. Our middle school group will also work towards tackling a pressing community issue to create change. Some of the topics identified by these groups this past year were: feeling sad, child abuse, bullying and vaping. Each group concentrates on one topic and works towards educating their school through posters, presentations, announcements or activities about that topic. With the use of collective activities, leadership skills, collaborations and similar interests, they will be able to tackle a pressing issue to create community change. We work through their options then spring into action!

BOSS is completely customizable, too! Our pilot schools each selected one grade level to begin the program. We met once or twice a week in groups of 15-20 boys for 45-55 minutes as part of their school day. The program can be setup to meet the needs of your students and district; whatever works best! Since B.O.S.S. is generously funded through Fulton County Job and Family Services, there is no additional cost to your district! Your district would also benefit from the essential skills your boys learn by demonstrating these skills through their increased school involvement.

Check this out to see "Why We Do It"  

Want to bring B.O.S.S. to your school?

Josie Marchena, B.O.S.S. facilitator, looks forward to working as one member of many to get the boys enthusiastic about their commitment to their communities!

To start planning your B.O.S.S. group for this upcoming fall semester contact:

Josie Marchena at josiemarchena@fultoncountyoh.com or 419-337-0915 x2367