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The Fulton County Health Department is proud to offer the “Baby Think It Over” program in middle and high schools across the county. The program gives students a chance to get a small taste of what it might be like to be a teen parent. Students learn this and other consequences of premarital sexual behaviors.  Karen Pennington, Health Educator, provides the "Baby Think It Over" program to 5 Fulton County Schools:  Archbold, Delta, Evergreen, Pettisville & Wauseon.  

choosing the best

In conjunction with the “Baby Think It Over” program, we also offer an abstinence-centered, evidence-based curriculum, “Choosing the Best.”

  • Abstinence-centered: Promotes a holistic, “risk avoidance” approach that strongly promotes abstinence as the best and healthiest choice, while also teaching students about goal-setting, healthy relationships, refusal skills, and character building. It educates students about the benefits and limitations of contraception, but always in the context of promoting abstinence as the healthiest choice. 

  • Evidence-based: A peer-reviewed, published study showed that students who received “Choosing the Best” were 1.5 times less likely to initiate sex than those in the control group who did not receive the program. 
  • Medically accurate: Provides students with medically accurate information about the risks associated with casual sex, including unplanned pregnancy, STDs, and potential negative emotional consequences. Students gain a realistic understanding of the risks based on sources such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and government agency publications. The curriculum strongly emphasizes the benefits of delaying sexual initiation, empowering students to make an informed choice about their sexual behavior.
  • Healthiest choices: According to the CDC, the most reliable way to avoid the risk of an STD is to be abstinent until you enter into a long-term, mutually monogamous relationship with an infected partner. Since this type of relationship is typically found in marriage, “Choosing the Best” promotes the healthiest choice – delaying sex until marriage.
  • Universally applicable: Although “Choosing the Best” does not reference sexual preference directly, the programs contain universally applicable principles that are designed to help all students avoid sexual risk, regardless of sexual orientation. Like heterosexual teens, homosexual teens are at significant risk of contracting STDs through casual sex and benefit from the core message that sexual delay is a protective factor to one’s health and future.


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