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Back to School....immunizations!

Hep A ~ What do we need to know?


It is Heating Up!  Cooling Centers Available

Household Sewage Treatment Systems Repair/Replacement Project


Call today to schedule your appointment for school immunizations.  Don't wait!


What you need to know about Hep A

Although anyone can get Hepatitis A, some people are at greater risk,

The best way to prevent Hepatitis A is by getting vaccinated. 

Contact us at 419-337-0915 to schedule an appointment.  Click HERE for more details.

Let’s celebrate!  

Your Fulton County Health Department has been awarded National Accreditation!  Click HERE for full press release.

Cooling Centers Available in Fulton County

When temperatures rise, Cooling Centers throughout the county are available to provide respite to individuals who do not have air conditioning.  Persons who are at particular risk of complications from heat exposure include the elderly and young children.   Click HERE for locations and times

Household Sewage Treatment Systems Repair/Replacement Project

The Fulton County Health Department is asking for your assistance in identifying individuals that may qualify for a new funding source that will provide 50% to 100% of the cost of replacing or repairing a household sewage treatment system that is currently failing to operate. Click HERE for the Press Release and the Application Form for this funding assistance.

WMTR Health minute

Ariel Meister, Rebekah Marini and Hilarie Flory, talk Breastfeeding Awareness Month, WIC and Immunizations

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